Sports Activity First Aid information sheet

Emergency Sports Activity First Aid

The Emergency Sports Activity First Aid course is designed for all clients who have an involvement in sports and recreational activities in both the professional and voluntary sectors. The course can be easily adapted through the inclusion of appropriate outdoor scenarios to meet the needs of the outdoor world. The course includes 3 year Certification from date of completion & our Student skills guide.

This course will provide participants with the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge and skills in order to recognise and manage common injuries sustained in activities and provide immediate non-emergency care.

The course covers the content of Emergency First Aid and, as such, the course will meet the recommendations of the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland for training emergency aid to the appointed person. course duration is 12 hours certification lasts 3 years from succcessful date of completon.

This Course Covers

Principles of First Aid
Chain Of Survival
Emergency Management Procedure
Care Cycle™
Scene Safety
Scene Survey
Exposure Protection
Basic Life Support
Primary Survey, Recovery Position & Reassessment
CPR Adult (Cardiopulmonary
CPR Child
Alternative Ventilation Procedures
Introduction to Automated External •
Choking Adult and Child
Life Threatening Conditions
Severe Bleeding
Shock Management
Secondary Survey
Patient History Taking
Physical Assessment
Localised Physical Assessment
Patient Report Form (PRF)
First Aid Topics
Common Injuries
Environmental Problems
Circulatory Problems
Respiratory Problems
Other Medical Emergencies
First Aid Health and Safety
First Aid Kit
Accident Recording