2019 Course dates from our Training Centre

First Aid at Work, £200 per candidate:

10th-12th April CLOSED

12th-14th June CLOSED

21st-23rd August CLOSED

9th-11th October OPEN FOR  BOOKINGS 

First Aid at Work Renewal £175 per candidate:

Proof of existing qualification must be shown prior to booking, existing qualification must not have expired over 30 days of original qualification date shown on the certificate to be eligible for renewal.

23rd-24th January CLOSED

25th-26th April CLOSED

10th-11th July CLOSED

14th-15th November OPEN FOR  BOOKINGS

Emergency First Aid at Work, £100 per candidate:

 24th April FULLY BOOKED

4th July CLOSED

19th September CLOSED

22nd November OPEN FOR  BOOKINGS

Ofsted Standard Paediatric First Aid, £85 per candidate:

17th-18thApril FULLY BOOKED

15th-16th August CLOSED

23rd-24th October OPEN FOR  BOOKINGS

Emergency Paediatric First Aid, £70 per candidate:

10th May CLOSED

20th June  CLOSED

7th August  CLOSED

 29th November OPEN FOR  BOOKINGS

Parent’s courses, £25 per candidate:

29th May CLOSED

2nd August CLOSED


To book on any of our courses, please email info@etsfirstaid.co.uk or call 0770 852 2621, courses must be booked a minimum of 7 days prior to the commencement date