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E-Learning Alcohol Awareness Training

Alcohol & Drug Awareness

The Elite Training Solutions Alcohol and Drug Awareness online course highlights the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace. It outlines the responsibilities and duty of care employers have to provide a working environment that is free from the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

It also outlines the responsibilities that individual workers who are misusing drugs or alcohol have towards their employers and their colleagues. The course provides clear advice on how to manage and support employees who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction.


E-Learning Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Awareness Training

The Elite Training Solutions Asbestos Awareness online course helps organisations and individuals to understand the risks associated with working in locations where asbestos might be found. This includes educating people about what asbestos is, what impact it can have on health if people are exposed and what to do if an asbestos material is encountered in the workplace.

The online course will also explain the relevant legislation, focusing on The Control of Asbestos Regulations Act, as well as highlight what information an asbestos survey and register provide.


E-Learning Contractor Safety Training

Contractor Safety Training

The Elite Training Solutions Contractor Safety online course provides contractors with the information they need to identify and minimise potential dangers that can exist within a workplace.

The online course highlights the duties and responsibilities of the contractor, as well as your organisation, to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. It also outlines the code of behaviour necessary to reduce accidents in the workplace.


E-Learning DSE VDU Displace Screen Training

DSE Display Screen Equipment user training

The Elite Training Solutions DSE online course explains how small changes and interventions in the use of a workstation, such as altering a sitting position or using the mouse and keyboard in different ways, can have significant impacts.

The online course highlights preventative action that can help users to avoid health issues, such as regular movement and stretching, changing focal point and correct usage of mobile devices such as laptops.


E-Learning Driver Training

Driver Training UK

The Elite Training Solutions UK online course has been designed to highlight how driver behaviour can impact road safety, for themselves and for other drivers. The online course explains how accidents can be caused by how the driver behaves, including failing to observe rules of the road, not paying enough attention or being distracted. It details the responsibilities each driver has each time they use a public highway and covers the legal requirements within the UK for ensuring that vehicles are roadworthy.


E-Learning Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety

The Elite Training Solutions Electrical Safety online course has been designed to highlight the main dangers associated with use of electrical equipment. It explains a range of basic concepts and circuits to demonstrate how electricity travels. The online course explores common causes of electrical-related accidents – including faulty appliances and damaged or overloaded sockets, plugs and cables – and provides guidance on how to check for potential hazards and minimise the risk of accidents.


E-Learning Environmental Awareness Training

Environmental Awareness

The Elite Training Solutions Environmental Awareness online course is an important first step. It introduces the key concepts and definitions to your workforce. The online course highlights how individual actions that seem small can, collectively, have a significant impact on your resource usage. Examples include the implementation of a waste hierarchy – which can lead to real savings in the resources consumed and the amount of waste produced – along with recycling cans, glass and food waste and reducing the amount of paper.


E-Learning Food Safety Level 1

Food Safety Level 1 Online

The course explains the importance of maintaining clean premises, equipment and work areas when working with food, as well as good personal hygiene standards. It also delivers information about correct temperatures for cooking and storing different food types. The course explores the causes and symptoms of food poisoning, relating it directly to poor practices and standards. It also identifies individuals who may be most at risk. Importantly, the course explains the difference between food poisoning and food allergies, exploring symptoms and impacts of food allergies. It provides a full allergen list and highlights the dangers of cross-contamination.


E-Learning Food Safety Level 2

Food Safety Level 2 Online

This course follows the CIEH syllabus, level 2 and is aimed at food handlers who work in the retail sector. This course has been through a thorough approval process with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. The course explores the causes and symptoms of food poisoning, relating it directly to poor practices and standards. It also identifies individuals who may be most at risk. Importantly, the course explains the difference between food poisoning and food allergies, exploring symptoms and impacts of food allergies. It provides a full allergen list and highlights the dangers of cross-contamination.


E-Learning COSHH Training Course

Hazardous Substances (COSHH) Training

The Elite Training Solutions Hazardous Substances (COSHH) online course highlights the key responsibilities that employers and their workforce have in relation to hazardous substances.

This course explains what hazardous substances are, explores substance classification and hazard classification symbols, both old and new, along with the importance of labelling and safety data sheets.


E-Learning Health and Safety Introduction Course

Health & Safety Induction Training

The Elite Training Solutions Health and Safety Induction online course outlines the specific duties and actions needed to keep the workplace safe and healthy, highlighting the different roles and responsibilities of the employer, employees and different parts of the supply chain. The online course explains the relevant legislation and the powers that the Health and Safety Executive have to enforce it.  A core part of the course emphasises the importance of an organisation’s Health and Safety Policy, outlining the information that should be contained in the Policy, and an associated risk assessment and management procedure.


E-Learning Home Working Training Course

Home Working

The Elite Training Solutions Home Working online course has been designed to help both employers and their workers to understand what is required of them in a home working situation.

The course explains different categories of home working, who might be eligible and specific conditions that relate to home working, including insurance requirements, the supply of equipment and ensuring the security of data, particularly any data that includes personal information.


E-Learning Legionella Training

Legionella Training

The Elite Training Solutions Legionella online course has been designed for employees who carry out water management tasks, as part of an organisation’s water management system.

The online course describes the common symptoms of legionella-related diseases, which can be anything from very mild flu-like symptoms to full-blown pneumonia-like symptoms, including coughing, muscle pains, fever, headaches and shortness of breath. It also describes how to identify conditions where the legionella bacteria might thrive, in the context of an effective water management system.


E-Learning Lone Working Training

Lone Working Training

The Elite Training Solutions Lone Working online course has been designed to familiarise lone workers with their duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and to equip lone workers with the information and understanding they need to reduce the risks of working alone.

The course has been designed to enable employers who have identified situations where people work alone, whether in the office or remotely, to provide training and information on the potential hazards and risks they may face and how to determine and implement appropriate controls.


E-Learning Manual Health and Safety Training

Managing Health & Safety Training

The Elite Training Solutions Managing Health and Safety online course has been designed for managers and highlights their responsibilities in managing the health and safety of their staff. The online course explains the legal requirements, as defined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other legislation, as well as the importance of a robust Health and Safety Policy. The eLearning course also demonstrates the importance of carrying out regular risk assessments, to identify potential hazards, and the need for controlling and managing risks.


E-Learning Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Online

The Elite Training Solutions Manual Handling online course explains when manual handling tasks can occur, explores appropriate ways to handle and move objects and highlights core techniques to reduce the risks of injury. The course has been designed to be useful in different work environments, including offices, factories, warehouses and shops. The eLearning module highlights the importance of assessing every manual task and the potential impacts that might be involved. Using the TILE principle, the course advises on how to consider each task, the individual’s capabilities, the nature of the load and the working environment in order to minimise risks.


E-Learning Noise at Work

Noise at Work Training

The Elite Training Solutions Noise at Work online course has been designed to make a significant contribution to this obligation to provide information and training. The course describes what sound is, how it is measured, how the human ear works and the types of damage that certain levels of sound can have over different periods of time. The course demonstrates how workers can identify the source of noise that could be potentially damaging and explores a range of cost effective solutions that can be used to reduce noise exposure.


E-Learning PPE Training

Personal Protective Equipment

The Elite Training Solutions Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) online course explains the responsibilities of employers in the provision, maintenance and storage of PPE to keep their employees safe in the workplace. It also highlights the responsibilities of the workforce to use PPE consistently and safely. The online course demonstrates different types of PPE, and how and when to use them. It examines the differences between a hazard – something with the potential to cause harm – and a risk, which combines the likelihood of harm occurring with the extent of that harm.


E-Learning Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment

The Elite Training Solutions Risk Assessment online course has been designed to introduce managers to the concept and importance of carrying out effective risk assessments, and their responsibilities to ensure that risks are appropriately managed. The course explains the difference between hazards and risks and demonstrates how to assess the likelihood and impact of a range of different risks. The online course also highlights the role of recording risks, and of keeping those records up to date. When incidents do occur, investigating authorities are entitled to demand to see risk assessments, procedures and controls alongside the incident report.


E-Learning Safeguarding

Safeguarding Training

The Elite Training Solutions Safeguarding online course explains what safeguarding means. It explores how your employees can safeguard children and vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect, this course highlights what to do if there are concerns raised. The course highlights core information about the safeguarding process, exploring the range of problems that children and vulnerable adults might face and explaining what actions should be taken if concerns are identified. It looks at the different categories of abuse – physical, sexual, emotional and neglect – that could lead to concern, the kinds of situations where abuse could occur and who the abusers might be.


E-Learning Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, Trips and Falls

The Elite Training Solutions Slips, Trips, and Falls online course explains what could be considered as workplace hazards, and examines how slips, trips and falls occur in different work environments. The course identifies the importance of risk identification, accident prevention and good housekeeping procedures. The course also highlights the responsibilities of each employee to protect themselves and others, by following the relevant procedures.


E Learning Stress Awareness Training Course

Stress Awareness Training

The Elite Training Solutions Stress Awareness eLearning course has been developed as a way to help your employees better manage their levels of stress. The course provides clear definitions of key terms, like pressure and stress, and explores the differences between mild, acute and chronic stress.

The online course highlight the most common causes of stress, emphasising that what one person finds stressful, another may not. It looks at different reactions individuals can have when faced with a stressful situation, exploring the combination of physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural responses that can be involved.


Working at height E-Learning Training Course

Working at Height

The Elite Training Solutions Working from Heights online course has been designed to inform any employees who might be engaged with working at height about the potential risks involved. Using illustrative examples, it explains what working at height means and the protective measures to implement. The online course highlights potential risks to raise the awareness of your employees, particularly exploring the risks associated with low level working at heights.


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